NEM-wide demand climbs above 30,000MW today

The NEM is awaking from its holiday slumber, it seems.

With temperatures up across the mainland regions, it was no surprise to see that (this morning) the AEMO was forecasting demand would climb above the 30,000MW mark – as noted in here in the NEM-Watch snapshot tweeted earlier:

NEM-Watch showing demand forecast to climb above 30,000MW over the afternoon

What followed was a see-saw day of prices, with prices up in the hundreds over many dispatch intervals – such as shown below from the 13:45 dispatch interval.


We see below that, by 14:50, the NEM-wide demand had climbed to 30,423MW with the east-coast regions seen to be losing their greenish colour as demand had climbed further than what was shown above:


We saw demand continue to climb to a peak of 30,606MW (target for the 15:05 dispatch interval), so higher than December, before falling away as a cool change arrived in Melbourne and surrounds – the effect of which can clearly be seen in this snapshot of 30 minutes later:


AT 16:20 (when this article was posted) we note that demand is still bumping around just north of 30,000MW.

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