South Australia hit by two price spikes

The volatility of the NEM was showcased again on Monday as South Australia experienced two major price spikes in the space of an hour. Using NEM-Watch’s play back feature (screenshot below) we were able to relive when the two price spikes hit. At 2:35pm the South Australian dispatch price hit $2384.08 and then fell before spiking again at 3:10pm at $2410.23.

2015-12-14-at-15-10-nem-watch-screenshot2A screenshot from NEM-Watch at 3:10pm on Monday the 14th of December 2015.

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  1. What caused the spike in price? Was it a fall in wind production?

    • Demand spiked, Angaston (diesel) dropped 37 MW, and Ladbroke (gas, price setter) was constrained down due to network limitations. Wind dropped 5 MW the first event and 18 MW the second time. Small changes compared to diesel and demand.

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