Queensland demand soars high in the second week of summer

We are only in the second week of summer 2015-16, and demand in Queensland has already begun to heat up, hitting 8507MW at 3:05pm this afternoon after another hot and humid day across the sunshine state. This marks the first time this summer that demand in Queensland has risen above the 8500MW mark. Entrants of our annual demand forecast competition will find these events particularly interesting as today’s peak demand might be a sign that, as expected, Queensland could reach a new all-time demand record above 9000MW at some point further into summer.

The temperature in Sydney also simmered today peaking at 35°C while demand in New South Wales hit a high of 11018MW at 3:50pm this afternoon.

2015-12-11-at-15-05-nem-watch-screenshotA screenshot from NEM-Watch at 3:50pm on Friday the 11th of December 2015.

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