Sydney swelters on Thursday, but demand remains in the doldrums

Worth a brief note that NEM-Watch triggered a “Sydney temperature above 34 degrees” alarm today, and sent us the attached snapshot early this afternoon:

High temperatures in Sydney on 10th October 2013 did nothing to drive electricity demand higher

We note that, despite the high temperatures, demand remained firmly fixed in the green zone*

*  Each region is colour-coded (independently) on a sliding scale between dark blue (being minimum demand  experienced in that region in the past few years) and bright red (being all-time maximum demand).

As can be seen in the snapshot above, demand on the east was all in the green zone whilst South Australian demand was even lower – all contributing to demand (23,484MW NEM-Wide) that was approximately 2/3 of the all time record set many summers ago now.

Of interest to us, and a number of others, is – what will the demand rise to this summer, for reasons including who will win the BBQ this summer in our annual competition…

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