Only 709MW of spare generation capacity in NSW at 15:40

As predicted by AEMO this morning, another high demand (and high price) day in the NEM – particularly in the NSW region.

Of particular note is this instance (15:40) in NSW, when the Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin (IRPM) for the NSW “Economic Island” dropped to a low of 5.48%  – or, in other terms, only 709MW of spare generation capacity available to serve any outage of generation plant in the region.

2011-02-03 at 15-40 NEM-Watch (14445 with 709 spare)

This is the reason why AEMO had issued the market notice (shown above and linked here) warning of an actual Lack of Reserve Level 1 for the NSW region.

NEM-Watch calculates 709MW as the difference between the available generation capacity in NSW at 15:40 (13,647MW) and the net demand in NSW not supplied by imports from VIC and QLD (12,938MW, which is 14,445MW – 1036MW – 202MW – 269MW).  In this case the interconnectors are constrained and hence it is not possible (under normal market operation) for them to transfer any more power into NSW in this dispatch interval.

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