Generator Report Card 2020 (GRC2020) … now called ‘Generator Insights 2021’

This was a working title (coined during 2020) for an update of the 180-page analytical component of the Generator Report Card 2018.  However we decided against that for several reasons including:

Reason 1)  With other efforts taking priority through 2021 (including many preparations for Five Minute Settlements) the release of this new report will be later in the year than we initially were thinking.  This enables us to use more data from within the 2021 calendar year.

Reason 2)  In coining the ‘Report Card’ naming for the GRC2018, part of what prompted that name was the inclusion of the ‘page for every DUID’ detailed report card for each unit as Part 3:

2a)  Which has now been expanded separately into the GSD2019 and GSD2020 and is intended to be an annual update;

2b)  Because of this, it won’t be included in the new analytical report (though could be bundled together, commercially).

Reason 3)  As we did deliver for the analytical component in the GRC2018, what we envisage for this new analytical report will go well beyond just performance of individual units, but will also:

3a)  Identify and explore collective performance in a number of ways that are significant to the energy transition; and

3b)  Focus specifically on the insights that can be gleaned:
i.  from detailed analysis of 22 years of historical NEM performance;
ii.  to inform the ongoing energy transition.

As such, we decided to call this new analytical report ‘Generator Insights 2021.