Tomorrow’s brief network outage (on the Rowville – South Morang 500 kV line) *might* have high impact

In recent times a number of ez2view users (and readers here) have followed up with questions about ‘how did you do [something mentioned in an article]’.

… we’re happy to answer questions, as they arrive

For a couple reasons, then, worth highlighting that the AEMO has published Market Notice 117066 as follows:


From :              AEMO
To   :              NEMITWEB1
Creation Date :     19/06/2024     12:14:34


Notice ID               :         117066
Notice Type ID          :         GENERAL NOTICE
Notice Type Description :         Subjects not covered in specific notices
Issue Date              :         19/06/2024
External Reference      :         Planned outage of the Rowville – South Morang 500 kV line in the VIC region on 20/06/2024.


Reason :


The Rowville – South Morang 500 kV line in the Victoria (VIC) region is planned to be out of service from 1400 hrs to 1630 hrs on 20/06/2024.

A credible contingency event during this planned outage could cause:
– A large reduction in generation in VIC; and/ or
– Restrict power transfer across the VIC – South Australia (SA) interconnector (Heywood interconnector).

Refer AEMO Network Outage Schedule (NOS) for further details.

AEMO Operations



These types of notices are not that frequent, so worth a brief exploration.  Utilising the ‘Constraint Sets’ widget in ez2view , and filtering down to just constraint sets related to either Rowville or South Morang, we see the following:


It’s the ‘V-ROSM’ constraint set that the AEMO is specifically speaking about in their notice … but note that there are several other constraint sets that mention either Rowville or South Morang as well (but not ‘Rowville – South Morang 500 kV line’).

That constraint set currently* contains 4 different constraint equations, as shown.

* noting that constraint sets can, and occasionally do, change in form.


We’ll watch with interest to see if anything happens…

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