(Easily* the) highest aggregate wind production, thus far in May 2024

It’s Wednesday morning, 29th May 2024 and so there’s just over 2 days left to go in the month.

With this snapshot from NEMwatch at 07:45, we’re marking what is easily* the largest aggregate wind yield thus far in the month.

* I say ‘easily’ because April and May 2024 have been pretty poor, overall, for wind yield.


There’s a solid wad of green (i.e. wind) generation over the past 12 hours, trending up towards this morning – and peaking briefly above 6,600MW.  This run up on wind for the end of the month was the noted on Monday with respect to AEMO’s forecasts.

Just to be clear, at this level, it’s still substantially below the maximum for all time.  Early in June we’ll update these long-range statistics for wind.

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  1. I expect this will be short lived as a blocking high is forecast to sit over Australia from Thursday night so Friday and saturday should see the wind die down again.

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