Another slight slippage in return to service (RTS) expectation for Callide C3

We’re coming to the business end of the long repair outage for Callide C3, which has been offline since 31st October 2022 (when the cooling tower partially collapsed).  Our last update in this series of articles was about a month ago:

1)  in belatedly noticing a slight slippage in return to service expectations

2)  with the RTS expectation at that time pushed back to 31st March 2024 (which is this Sunday).


In a conversation with a client earlier today I was using the  ‘Generator Outages’ widget in ez2view and noticed that there’s been another slight slippage … now back to Sunday 7th April 2024 as highlighted here:


This shows the unit now expected to be online at part-load (200MW) on Sunday 7th April, with full load only a couple days later (Wed 11th April at 466MW).


Opening up the ‘Forecast Convergence’ widget in ez2view, filtering to the CPP_3 unit and zooming in at the top (i.e. to the most recent updates) we see that this change was made on Saturday morning just passed (23rd March 2024):



On the same day, CS Energy published the article ‘Update on Callide Unit C3 return to service’ which says:

‘The rebuild of the new Unit C3 cooling tower is nearing completion and re-commissioning of the C3 generator is underway.

The change in the return to service date is required to allow time to address minor equipment issues which have arisen during the re-commissioning process of C3. It is not unusual for issues to arise when a generating unit is returned to service after an overhaul or outage.’

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