The fire at Torrens Island switchyard (Wed 27th March 2024) curtailed the Torrens Battery

Yesterday we wrote briefly about ‘Electrical fire in switchyard at Torrens Island Power station’ following a tip on 7News.

Taking advantage of the ‘next day public’ data set released after 04:00 NEM time today, I’ve dialled up the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget inside of ez2view to have a quick look at what might be seen, looking back 7 days:


The window above is filtered down to the TIBESS station (i.e. for the Torrens Island Battery), so the ‘preparing for IESS v9.9.1.98’ copy I am running shows both sides of the battery together.  In the Bids Table below that we see (in amongst all of the automatically generated and formatted rebids) a bid that stands out as manually submitted:

  • It was submitted at 15:54:30 (NEM time)
  • First used for the 16:00 dispatch interval (i.e. which is run at ~15:55, so the rebid just scraped in before ‘gate closure’)
  • Speaks about ‘Unexpected/plant limits~Disconnection from Switchyard’ in the rebid reason.



Comparing the preceding bid in the ‘Bids Comparison’ function in the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget we can see the capacity was withdrawn for a number of hours as a result of the switchyard fire.

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