SA price spike on Tue 12th March 2024 with rapid ramp in demand

A short article with this snapshot from NEMwatch at 15:00 on Tuesday 12th March 2024:


We can see the spot price up at $9,875/MWh – which would be (at least in part) because of the rapid ramp in ‘Market Demand’ (at least in comparison with size of region):

1)  348MW to 2,234MW over 4 x dispatch intervals; including

2)  A 85MW ramp (from 2,149MW) in the 15:00 dispatch interval.


Had a quick look and the BOM radar did not show much cloud cover over Adelaide, as sudden suppression of rooftop PV was my first thought as to a possible cause…

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  1. Did SA batteries respond to the sudden 348 MW ramp over 4 dispatch intervals? Because if there was a “possible” LOR3 event later that afternoon then a battery with a Capacity Investment Scheme Agreement would in the future have to have some of their capacity reserved for that possible LOR3 event.

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