Brief details of IRPM through the day on Monday 20th November 2023

I posted earlier today about ‘Sky-high IRPM in the middle of the day, Sunday 1st October 2023’ … as a result of the analysis commencing (quite belatedly) for the GenInsights Quarterly Update for 2023 Q4 release.

With apologies for this being perhaps cryptic, one other day of interest in Q4 2023 was Monday 20th November 2023, as shown here:


This chart has been produced in NEMreview v7 … clients with a licence to the software can open their copy of this query here.

Contrasting with the analogous chart shown for Sunday 1st October 2023 we can clearly see a much more tightly banded range – between:

1)  A lowest point on the day of 34.7% … which is quite high in the context of Q4; and

2)  A highest point on the day of only 55.3%

(a)  which is a remarkably low daily high point in the context of Q4 (and other quarters as well).

(b)  I have not checked, but presume this was related to some widespread cloud cover (and possibly rain) event?


Nothing further, at this point.

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