Tarong unit 2 back online, after forced outage because of tube leak (~1 week earlier than planned)

In recent weeks with respect to the TARONG#2 unit:

1)  On Friday 19th January 2024 we highlighted ‘Two coal units to watch, in QLD over coming days – in relation to forecast tight supply-demand on Monday 22nd January 2024’,

2)  Then early Monday morning 22nd January 2024 we updated with ‘What about those 2 x coal-fired units in QLD we suggested you watch?’ (at the start of Queensland’s record demand day).

3)  On Wednesday 24th January 2024 we followed with ‘Tarong unit 2 has come offline as previously signalled … slightly earlier than planned (but only after the massive demand peak)’.

…  at that  time we noted the expected return to service date was Friday 9th February 2024 (i.e. Friday next week).


So it’s worth a short 4th article in this series to note the ez2view-driven alert (triggered in one of my copies with the ‘Notifications’ widget running inside) that the unit came back online overnight, a week earlier than that plan noted above:


To add a bit more colour to the article, here’s a snapshot from ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in ez2view filtered down to just the TARONG#2 unit:


Nothing further to add, at this point…

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