Millmerran unit 1 came offline as planned … but only after the massive demand peak

Last Friday 19th January 2024 we highlighted ‘Two coal units to watch, in QLD over coming days – in relation to forecast tight supply-demand on Monday 22nd January 2024’, and then early Monday morning we updated with ‘What about those 2 x coal-fired units in QLD we suggested you watch?’ … at the start of Queensland’s gang-busters demand day.

Worth a short article, a day later in much cooler conditions, to confirm that Millmerran unit 1 came offline in the middle of the night as had been indicated in the second article above.  Here’s it shown in the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in ez2view a the 12:20 dispatch interval on Tuesday 23rd January 2024:


Highlighted in the ‘Bid Table’ in the window above are a few rebids referencing boiler/tube leak – earlier rebids had also referenced other limitations.

… despite these limitations, we see it even managed to increase its output somewhat during the time when demand was increasing yesterday.  Every little bit helped at that time!


Not shown here, but a quick look at the ‘Generator Outages’ widget in ez2view  shows currently expected return to service being Wednesday next week, 31st January 2024.

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4 Comments on "Millmerran unit 1 came offline as planned … but only after the massive demand peak"

  1. How about Tarong Unit 4 – that seems to have come off, but not as planned!?

  2. Tarong 4 reduced to 5% output for ~2 hrs but then ramped up to full power from midday.

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