Mainland volatility on Tuesday evening 1st August 2023

Earlier today, Linton wrote about some volatility seen through the middle of the day today in South Australia … due partly to low wind production, but also due to constrained imports from VIC due transmission outage underway.

Coincident with my note here about four market enhancements, my phone has started buzzing with SMS alerts about price volatility in all mainland regions:


Here’s a snapshot from NEMwatch at the 18:05 dispatch interval which highlights that:

1)  Prices above $10,000/MWh in all mainland regions

2)  As the generation mix becomes tighter for the evening with solar gone to bed for the night, and wind down under 1,000MW on a NEM-wide basis.




PS1 IRPM below 20%

A quick note (which we might refer back to later in compiling GenInsights Quarterly Update for Q3 2023) that the NEM-wide IRPM dropped down below 20% in some of the dispatch intervals this evening.


PS2 SA price at $16,600/MWh

From 1st July 2023 the Market Price Cap (MPC) increased to $16,600/MWh.

At 18:35 this evening the SA price hit that level, as shown in this snapshot from ez2view time-travelled* back to 18:35 to show the SA price up at this new Market Price Cap:


* time-travelling which re-bases the unit output indicators to show ‘FinalMW’ … i.e. actual output at the end of the dispatch interval

Thought it was worth noting:

1)  the first ever instance of the spot price being that high, in any region.

2)  I’ve also highlighted the thermal units (in red) and the batteries (in pink – remembering that until the IESS Rule Change (coincidentally noted here today), they are a pair of units – generator and load)

(a)  Hopefully have not missed any!

(b)  Useful to have a look at what’s running, and what’s not (and wonder why).





… nothing further, at this point.

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