Three coal units have returned … with another one the way

On Tuesday I wondered ‘when can we hope to see the return of some of these coal units?’ … particularly highlighting 7 units that the MT PASA DUID Availability data indicated we were likely to see return sometime prior to this Sunday 19th June.

To follow on from this, I thought it would be worth an update to highlight that 3 of these 7 units appear to be fully back up and running, with a 4th unit currently in early stage start-up process:


(A)  Back online … or progressing there

Let’s look firstly at the units back online, or progressing that way … in each of these cases using the ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget in ez2view to include the most recent data (which for the current market day is only ‘Initial MW’ for any particular unit):

(A1)  Callide C3

We see the CPP_3 unit began start-up process before midnight this morning (Thu 16th June) and now appears to be running back as normal:


Incidentally, worth highlighting this unit (at least until 04:00 this morning, which is the limit of ‘Next Day Public’ data visibility) had all its volume bit at –$1,000/MWh at the RRN.

(A2)  Millmerran unit 1

Also joining Callide C3 back online has been MPP_1:


This unit started initial load some hours earlier than Callide C3.

(A3)  Yallourn unit 4

Down in Victoria we see YWPS4 is also back online:


Comparing the three charts above, YWPS4 was loading in between Callide C3 and Millmerran 1.

(A4)  Bayswater unit 4

Also worth noting that we see first signs of return to service of BW04:


Similar to the airplane service regime, it’s thermal unit ‘take-offs and landings’ that see some of the highest stresses on the units (see the false start for YWPS4 above a day earlier), so fingers crossed BW04 will be fully online later.

All of the above is very welcome news that should make everyone a little more comfortable.

(B)  Still on the way

With reference to Tuesday’s article, I’ve not seen signs of return yet from the other three units flagged … Bayswater 2, Gladstone 4 and Yallourn 1.



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