Victorian spot gas hits $34.84/GJ on 9th July – flowing through to electricity spot prices in mainland regions

This morning Josh Stabler has noted via LinkedIn that ‘Melbourne’s Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM) 6am schedule price reaching $34.84/GJ.’:


That’s clearly going to cause pain for a number of different types of stakeholders.  Those high gas prices (not just in VIC) are flowing through to sustained high prices in the 4 x mainland regions in the NEM, as we see here in this snapshot from ez2view at 09:35 this morning:


The ‘interesting’ times continue…


PS1 a little later on Friday

A little later in the day, the Victorian gas price spiked higher … to $58.44/GJ as Angela Macdonald-Smith noted with ‘Industry in shock as Vic gas prices hit record levels’ in the AFR:

Something’s gotta give!



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