Newport Power Station cranked up heavily – as one commercial response to the Yallourn ‘Energy Emergency’

On Wednesday (16th June) I noted that YWPS3 had come offline again to conserve dwindling coal supplies after EnergyAustralia found ‘further instability in the Morwell River Diversion wall’ as a result of the ongoing flooding situation threatening the Yallourn mine – and hence the 4 units at Yallourn power station.


(A)  ‘Energy Emergency’ declared for Victoria

Yesterday (Thursday 17th June) there was the Victorian government’s announcement of the ‘Energy Emergency’ to enable swift action by EnergyAustralia to try to shore up the dam wall.

Watch the energy minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, announcing that on ABC here:


I noted that this was discussed in a variety of places, like:

1)  By EnergyAustralia yesterday with ‘EnergyAustralia welcomes Energy Emergency Proclamation’.

2)  In the AFR with ‘Energy warning amid Yallourn emergency’;

3)  In the Age with ‘Yallourn emergency declared after storms as hardship payments kick in’;

4)  In RenewEconomy with ‘Victoria declares “energy emergency” to prevent Yallourn mine from collapse’;

5)  In PV Magazine with ‘Victoria declares ‘energy emergency’ with Yallourn Power Station at risk’.


Also, I found discussions about this:

1)  By Environment Victoria with Vic energy emergency declaration needed, but questions remain’; and

… in other places as well which are being tagged into our ever-expanding Asset Catalog.



(B)  Operations at Newport Power Station cranked up

We’ve fielded several questions about operations at Newport Power Station (part of EnergyAustralia’s portfolio), which they have understandably cranked into heavy operations as a result.  To help illustrate the picture, I’ve prepared this trend query which clients can access themselves (with their licence to NEMreview v7) :


Will continue to watch the unfolding situation in Victoria (following flooding at Yallourn mine), along with the unfolding situation in QLD with the carry-over from the Callide C4 Catastrophe.

It has been a busy Q2 2021!

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