Summer 19-20 is heating up already, with Reserve Trader called

Bit of an uncanny coincidence, having posted some concerns about the coming summer 2019-20 only 2 days ago, to find that the AEMO has called for expressions of interest for the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) Panel across all 5 regions!

The AEMO has supplied this news blurb on AEMO live, linked to this more detailed & useful page on the main website:


With memories of 24th and 25th January 2019 still fresh in everyone’s mind and with concerns about Loy Yang A2 and Mortlake 2, it’s quite understandable that this trigger has been pulled.


Note that this is happening in parallel with (and is separate to) the AEMC rule change process that would, if finalised as per the draft ruling, establish Negawatts permanently (i.e. not just at times of tight supply/demand balance) defacto supply-side resource in the NEMDE dispatch process. 


Understanding that interested parties have less than 3 weeks (i.e. till 16:00 on Thursday 29th August 2019) to get their expressions of interest in, and that the AEMO has changed some of the terms of the service from prior years, interested parties need to get their skates on

At that point, the formal start of summer would also then be 3 months away, with much still to do!

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