Price volatility returns to the Queensland region

Following from Monday evening’s price wobbles, we saw more volatility yesterday in the Queensland region as shown in this custom chart generated in ez2viewAustralia:

Trend of Queensland market parameters over Wednesday 23rd october 2013

The largest spikes were in the evening, but note that there were a number of other spikes of various magnitude through the day.  Here’s a record (from NEM-Watch) of one of the two largest spikes in the day – to $7,200/MWh at 16:30:

A view of the price spike to $7200/MWh at 16:30 on Wednesday 23rd October

Here’s an intriguing view of bid stacks (from ez2viewAustralia) separated across the $7,200/MWh pricing that was material to the evening’s price spikes – showing how (at several times through the day) capacity was shifted above, and then back below, that price threshold:

A view of 24 hours of bid history through Wednesday 23rd October, in the Queensland region

We have not looked into the smaller spikes – but may do later, if time permits.

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