Not even 41 degrees in Sydney today can drive demand close to a new record

As the hot weather from last week in the south sweeps further north through the country, the email alerts we have triggered from NEM-Watch told us the temperature in Sydney had passed the 40 degree mark today (Tuesday 8th January), as shown here in this market snapshot from 12:25 (NEM time):

Huge temperatures in NSW, but demand is still a long way from a record

As can be seen, the demand is still a long way from the peaks experienced in that hot week in summer 2010-11.

At the end of the end of the day, we see that demand had increased somewhat (peaking at 13,051MW at 15:40 today), but remained a long way below the all-time record, despite the sweltering temperatures:

Demand increased somewhat at the end of the day, but demand still in the orange zone



As a PS to the above post, made earlier today, it is noteworthy to include the following snapshot highlighting the current bizarre weather pattern (at 21:45 NEM time).


Yes, that is a 20 degree evening temperature difference between Sydney and Melbourne (which had been sweltering only days before).

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