NEM-wide demand races past 31,500MW today

We’ve been buried in the details of a number of projects today (included a more detailed analysis of what happened on the weekend in Queensland, leading to these remarkable prices – which will be on WattClarity before too much longer).

Automated email alerts on NEM-Watch helped to keep us informed that the heatwave that has circled the country has returned to the south today and driven demand higher in South Australia and Victoria.  The following snapshot (from 15:55 NEM time) shows NEM-Wide demand at 31,598MW, which is the highest it has been so far this summer:


The bears, who predicted lower demand in our regular summer BBQ competition, will have already had their bids blown away as demand looks set to climb further as the hot weather rolls on.

PS – the NEM-wide demand peaked at 31,846MW at 16:50 today (after this post was published)

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