North Queensland Powers down with TC Yasi underway

As the Courier Mail tweets that 89,000 people in Townsville and Cairns are without power as TC Yasi approaches, I thought the following chart (taken from our ez2view application) might explain a bit of what that means:

2011-02-02 at 22-37 as NQ powers down

Like everyone else, we will have to wait until tomorrow morning to know the full picture when daylight comes…

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  1. A lot of residential load was disconnected very early on Wednesday night (5:30pm where I live) when there wasn’t much wind yet. This would seem to suggest that the Ergon system really is quite fragile. I will need follow this up with Ergon once the dust has settled. With the rediculous hikes in prices they have been charging in recent years, I expect a corresponding improvement in service.

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