NEM-wide demand higher still, as NSW regional demand eclipses record

It was difficult to concentrate on anything else today, when (following yesterday’s prelude) we saw NEM-wide demand continue to climb higher – on the back of some hot weather across much of NSW.

A new peak demand (on a dispatch target basis) was set at 16:05 NEM time – with the new level of 14,649MW being more than 200MW higher than the previous peak mark.

2011-02-01 at 16-00 NEM-Watch

The snapshot above (taken at 16:00, five minutes prior) shows the high prices in QLD and NSW, and also the extremely low reserve plant margin in the NSW region – AEMO had issued several LOR1 Market Notices during the day to draw attention to this fact.

In the Demand chart in the snapshot, we can see the NEM-wide demand curtailed somewhat as the VIC demand backs off following a cool  change passing through Melbourne.  Peak for the day was 34,870MW at 13:30 – though we see the decline (due to VIC) offset somewhat afterwards by the relentless growth of demand in NSW.

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