Generator Statistical Digest 2019 (GSD2019)

Given the success of our(note D) Generator Report Card 2018,  late in 2019 (after consulting with clients) we decided to build a partial update – in the form of a Generator Statistical Digest 2019 (a.k.a. GSD2019) with data to 31st December 2019.

This was released on Tuesday 28th January 2020.

What follows here is information about what’s included in the Generator Statistical Digest 2019.

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(B)  Structure of the GSD2019

Following discussions internally (and with some clients – thanks!), we settled on a design that started with what we completed for Part 3 in the Generator Report Card – but extended it over two pages, illustrated as follows:

For all 304 DUIDs that operated through some portion of CAL 2019 (i.e. for which AEMO published some non-zero InitialMW data) we include two pages:

‘A’ Page
… ten years 2010 to 2019
‘B’ Page
… additional details for CAL2019
This page is heavily based on the ‘page per DUID’ supplied in Part 3 of the GRC2018 – but has been enhanced in a number of ways, based on feedback from clients:

Click here, or on the image, for more detail about the ‘A’ Page.

This page has been added, in order to extend some of the investigations included in the Analytical Component of the GRC2018:

Click here, or on the image, for more detail about the ‘B’ Page.


The advantage of this format is that it enables data to be reported, on the same basis, for all DUIDs!

We look forward to receiving feedback on this format from clients through 2020 – after they have received and have had some time to digest all the detail.

(C)  Evolution of the GSD2019

The GSD2019 was born out of our very successful GRC2018, which was released on 31st May 2019.

We’re intending to make this Generator Statistical Digest an evolving annual publication that delivers value to a wide range of stakeholders (not just the owners/operators of operational assets in the NEM).

We’ve prepared  more detail about how the GSD2019 has evolved.

(D)  Parties involved in the GSD2019

As with the GRC2018, the GSD2019 was a collaborative effort – as discussed here.