Tarong unit 3 comes offline late Friday afternoon 21st June 2024 – appears not planned in advance

With what could be an emerging Energy Crisis of 2024 (which hopefully won’t be anywhere near as severe as the Energy Crisis of 2022 ) heightened attention is being focused on the performance of a number of different types of plant … including coal units.

Hence this is just a short note on Friday evening to highlight that Tarong Unit 3 has come offline just prior to 16:40 in what seems to be some form of unplanned outage.  This was captured at the time in this ‘Notification’ widget alert from ez2view:


Now, often when this happens the unit might have just tripped and be back online a couple hours later … but because of the heightened attention, I thought it worth flagging this here in its own article.

Here’s a collage of two ez2view widgets at 19:10 (the ‘Generator Outages’ widget at the top and the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget at the bottom), both filtered to focus on TARONG#3:


The short story is that both widgets are saying (based on data available at this time) there’s nothing to suggest that the outage was planned in advance … or to indicate any expectation on when it might be back.

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