Barron Gorge Unit 2 gets a run, on Friday 21st June 2024

Another of those series of unit-specific email alerts configured in the ‘Notifications’ widget inside one of our copies of ez2view alerted us this afternoon that Barron Gorge unit 2 had started up:


Amongst many other things, we’ve been keeping an eye on the repair process since the station was significantly damaged in December 2023 by TC Jasper.

Hence, I had a quick look in a collage of ‘Generator Outages’ widget and the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in ez2view, both filtered down to look at just the Barron Gorge station to see what I could see:


We can see that:

1)  the BARRON-1 unit had earlier had a short burst of activity on Wednesday 12th June 2024 (with the ‘next day public’ bids for that run, we can see it bid Fixed Load); and so

2)  today’s burst of output on BARRON-2 is presumably a similar test.

3)  in the ‘Generator Outages’ widget we see the unit Availability is still slated to be back to 33MW for each unit (i.e. full capacity) on Monday 1st July 2024.

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