Eraring Unit 2 makes it back online, Saturday evening 25th May 2024

It’s been a big week for Eraring Power Station in the news this past week, so it’s nice to see that Eraring Unit 2 has been making its way back online since yesterday afternoon – beginning the 16:40 dispatch interval on Saturday 25th May 2024, as seen here in this image of an alert triggered by ‘Notifications’ in ez2view at the time:


For a bit more detail, here’s a snapshot of the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in ez2view, filtered down to just the ER02 unit and looking back 30 days:


We see that:

1)  The unit tripped offline late on Wednesday 1st May 2024;

2)  It’s absence was one of the factors contributing to volatility on Thursday 2nd May, Friday 3rd May and then Tuesday 7th May and Wednesday 8th May (culminating in NSW entering Administered Pricing that evening);

3)  The unit attempted a restart on Thursday 16th May 2024, but did not get very far;

4)  Another ~9-day long forced outage ensued (a few days longer than first thought), ending yesterday afternoon/evening.


Let’s see how the unit goes…

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