Over 3 hours of price volatility in NSW on Wednesday evening 8th May 2024 … with Cumulative Price rapidly closing in on CPT

As Dan Lee noted earlier, the run of volatility in the NSW Region this afternoon/evening commenced at 15:40 NEM time.

1)  This followed a lengthy dose of volatility this morning; and also

2)  Some elevated (though not sky-high) prices during the day.

In this snapshot from NEMwatch at the 18:50 dispatch interval we see that the run of extreme prices is still ongoing … over 3 hours later!


Also highlighted is that the rolling Cumulative Price is up well above 1,300,000/MWh … well on the way to the Cumulative Price Threshold (which is set at $1,490,200 for the 2023-24 financial year).  If we reach that level, the NEM Rules provide that the AEMO will step in and cap prices:

1)  used to be a $300/MWh price cap

2)  but, by virtue of the Alinta Rule Change, was increased to $600/MWh from 1st December 2022.


Reminds me that we’d previously published this live updating trend of Cumulative Price for each region in a format that most readers should be able to access, once they create an account.

Let’s see what happens in  …

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