NEM-wide wind generation above 6,000MW for the first time in ~3 weeks

We’ve written a few articles during April about the lengthy wind lull that we noticed, as did others.

So it’s worth attaching here a snapshot of an ez2view live-updating trend from the ‘Trends Engine’ that shows how the past 24 hours has seen aggregate wind yield back up above 6,000MW, for the first time in ~21 days:


Weather intelligence service provider had flagged this, with the article yesterday morning ‘Wind returning to southeastern Australia’.


We’re in the midst of number crunching with respect to 2024 Q1 as part of the ongoing GenInsights Quarterly Updates series … but when we get to start crunching numbers for 2024 Q2 (not until July) I will be interesting to see how April 2024 stacks up statistically.

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