AEMO Preliminary Operating Incident Report (re Tue 13th February 2024) is available

This report is dated yesterday (Thursday 15th February 2024) but we have only become aware of it today:


On quick scan, it seems only to focus on what I named ‘Event 2’ in this ‘sequence of events for what happened in Victoria through the day on Tuesday 13th February 2024 (via Timescale #1)’.

Happy weekend reading!

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2 Comments on "AEMO Preliminary Operating Incident Report (re Tue 13th February 2024) is available"

  1. If you go into document properties in the PDF you can see
    Created 16/02/2024 15:30:38

    So unsurprising that you only became aware of it today.

  2. I thought this was interesting on the LOR3 condition (from section 5 of the preliminary report):

    There was enough generation in the Victoria region to meet demand, however, due to constraints on the network,
    this generation was not able to supply the load. At 1420 hrs on 13 February 2024, an actual LOR3 condition was
    declared and AEMO issued a direction under section 116 of the National Electricity Law (NEL) (deemed a clause
    4.8.9 instruction under NER 4.8.9(a1)(2)) to load shed 300 MW of load in the KTS/TTS/ROTS metropolitan area to
    maintain the system in a secure operating state.

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