… but Loy Yang A1 trips on Sunday 14th January 2024

Readers here should not expect that we’ll continue with a running commentary on the minutiae such as this, but given the uncanny (but likely unrelated) coincidence that it’s happened within hours of my posting about how ‘Hiccups over, at Loy Yang A4?’ it’s worth a short note to highlight that sister unit LYA1 tripped in the 14:15 dispatch interval (NEM Time) on Sunday 14th January 2024.

Here’s a snapshot of the ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget in ez2view looking back 2 years, but with the table focused on the 14:15 dispatch interval, hence showing the trip:


Not shown here, but a quick glance at the ‘Generator Outages’ widget highlights that this was not a planned outage.

Nothing further to add.


PS1 on Mon 15th Jan 2024 – LYA1 back online shortly after

Did not note yesterday, but for completeness the unit started coming back online in the 15:45 dispatch interval (NEM Time) … so 90 minutes after it tripped.


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