On Thu 19th October, the AER published Quarterly Review for 2023 Q3

Increasingly we’re coming to appreciate that there are a triptych of quarterly reports that each have different perspectives of a particular quarter just passed, and are best when appreciated together:

1)  With a bit of a reshuffle internally (slimmed down and made faster), the first to be published after the end of each quarter is now the AER’s Wholesale Market Quarterly publication

… this was published on Thursday 19th October in the week just passed, and is noted in today’s article.

2)  Next comes the AEMO’s Quarterly Energy Dynamics:

… which we understand will be published on Monday 23rd October 2023 – and was noted in this article here from Monday.

3)  Later than the first two, but providing different perspectives are our GenInsights Quarterly Updates series:

… which will be released (for 2023 Q3) around the middle of November 2023.


(A)  About the AER Wholesale Markets Quarterly Report

Prior WattClarity articles primarily about the AER Wholesale Markets Quarterly Report are categorised here.

Information about the AER’s 2023 Q3 report was published by the AER here:

The Report Other Materials

You can download the 24-page PDF of the report here:


Further information about the Wholesale Markets Quarterly was published by the AER here on their website.


With respect to the AER’s Wholesale Markets Quarterly report for Q3 2022, readers might like to note the Media Release published by the AER which says:

‘… the mild weather over winter led to lower demand for energy and a fall in wholesale electricity and gas prices during the July to September quarter of 2023. ’

… and …

‘… it was pleasing to see 2 windfarms, 2 solar farms and 2 batteries commence generating during the quarter and while they will add 800 megawatts of capacity once fully commissioned more is needed to keep pace with the planned coal plant retirements over the next decade ’

… which does remind me of writing on 14th May about how ‘we’re not building enough replacement dispatchable (or firming) capacity’.


(B)  Media coverage of the AER 2023 Q3 report

I did not have much time during the week just passed, but did happen to notice a couple articles referencing the AER’s report, as follows

1)  In the ABC we have seen…

(a)  Tom Lowrey wrote ‘Warm winter sees wholesale energy prices fall sharply, as demand for electricity hit record lows’ on 19th October.

2)  In the AFR I have seen …

(a)  N Mark Ludlow wrote ‘No escape from hot weather or high power prices this summers’ on 23rd October.

3)  In the Australian I have seen …

(a)  Nothing at this point.

4)  In RenewEconomy I have seen …

(a)  Marian Rae wrote ‘Record rooftop solar output slashes wholesale electricity prices’ on 19th October.

5)  In the Guardian I have seen …

(a)  Did not have time to scan

6)  In SMH and the Age I have seen …

(a)  Did not have time to scan

7)  In PV Magazine I have seen …

(a)  David Carroll wrote ‘Regulator calls for more large-scale renewables as rooftop solar shines’ on 19th October.

8)  In Energy Today I have seen …

(a)  Clemence Carayol wrote ‘AER shows caps dramatic impact on prices’ this week.

If our internal team notices any additional ones in the days ahead, we might add them in above … but if any of our readers notice more, please do point to them in comments below?


(C)  Insights drawn out of the AER 2023 Q3 report

We’ve not yet had a chance to review the report, but (time permitting) most post insights drawn out of the report as subsequent articles (and, perhaps remember to come back here and link to them here).


That’s all for now…

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