SA islanding ends, on Saturday evening 19th November 2022

From 18:03 (NEM time ) on Saturday 19th November 2022 the Tailem Bend – South East No 1 275kV line was returned to service and this 7-day long islanding event ended.

Here’s a snapshot of the 19:20 dispatch interval in ez2view, showing flows nor running more heavily eastwards as a result (given it’s windy in South Australia at present and the prices are negative as a result):


Note that flows east are still constrained (though not as severely as when islanded) by the planned outage on the other Tailem Bend to South east 275kV line which is scheduled to return on Monday 21st November at 17:00 (NEM time).

At 19:11 the AEMO published Market Notice MN103664  informing the market more broadly:


Notice ID            103664
Notice Type ID        Emergency events/conditions
Notice Type Description    MARKET
Issue Date            Saturday, 19 November 2022
External Reference        Update – Significant power system event – 12/11/2022


Update – Significant power system event – 12/11/2022

Refer AEMO Electricity Notice 103067

At  1803 hrs 19/11/2022, Tailem Bend – South East No 1 275 kV Line was returned to service

South Australia is now re-synchronised with the Eastern NEM.

The following constraints sets have been revoked at 1840 hrs;

Refer to AEMO Network Outage Schedule for further information.

Manager NEM Real Time Operations


… so that’s a day earlier than ElectraNet had been estimating only a couple days ago.

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