There’s plenty of wind, but the SA price is still spiking today (Wed 7th Sept 2022)

Whilst working through the AER’s Wholesale Markets Quarterly with my mind thinking back to Q2 2022 the SMS alerts have been keeping me informed of some volatility today in South Australia:


Here’s a snapshot from NEMwatch at the 13:00 dispatch interval with the spot price up quite close to the $15,500/MWh Market Price Cap:



Nothing further, at this point…

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  1. A number of factors were probably contributing. Murraylink has been offline for several days and Heywood was severely constrained at the time of your snapshot. Pelican Point has had only one GT running for about a week but was completely offline since 0130. Solar was depressed late morning because of a weather front which has led to transmission line warning market notices for SA. Many of the gas peakers were called on during the day.

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