AEMO announces a ‘Protected Event’ for South Australia from 19:15 on Saturday 4th June 2022

No sooner had I posted this article (including the BOM warnings for damaging winds tomorrow) than AEMO published Market Notice 96776 warning of a ‘Protected Event’ due to the damaging winds forecast:


From :              AEMO
To   :              NEMITWEB1
Creation Date :     04/06/2022     19:16:06


Notice ID               :         96776
Notice Type ID          :         PROTECTED EVENT
Notice Type Description :         Protected Event
Issue Date              :         04/06/2022
External Reference      :         Protected event advice – South Australia region.


Reason :


AEMO has identified that the conditions of the following protected event will be met from the time specified in this notice.

Protected event: the loss of multiple transmission elements causing generation disconnection in the South Australia region during periods where destructive wind conditions are forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Duration: 1915 hrs 04/06/2022 until further notice

AEMO will take action to manage the power system for the impact of the protected event.

Constraint set(s) invoked: I-VS_250

Manager NEM Real Time Operations


These ‘Protected Event’ classifications arose out of the SA System Black event, when it was determined that restricting flows on the Heywood interconnector before the event may well have provided sufficient enough headroom (when the storm front rolled through and knocked over some transmission lines, cascading to simultaneous loss of supply from multiple wind farms) to protect the system.

We see in the ‘I-VS_250’ constraint set noted that this is what is going to be done.

As noted on Friday, we should expect some low prices in South Australia from now as a result of high winds and restricted access to export markets.

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