Tarong unit 2 trips on Tuesday afternoon (1st February 2022)

Well, there were 3 of 22 coal units in QLD offline when I posted this article earlier  … and that’s notwithstanding Allan’s comment on that article about how it’s aggregate MW capacity that’s more important than number of units from a supply/demand point of view.

However the broader picture is that there are now 4 units offline, with the trip of Tarong unit 2 in the 5-minute period to 15:15 this afternoon.  We can see this in this snapshot of the ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget in ez2view:


Some other comments have been added on the image that I won’t repeat in the text here.

For ez2view clients, the best way to find this type of widget (i.e. specific to an individual unit) is to search for the DUID in the ez2view explorer.

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