AEMO released 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP)

This is a back-dated article – posted as something that will be referenced in future.

On 30th July 2020 (as noted in this Media Release at the time), the AEMO released its second Integrated System Plan for the National Electricity Market.


(A)  Follows on from prior reports.

The 2020 ISP followed on from the 2018 ISP (AEMO’s inaugural release), which was triggered by the Finkel Review in 2017 that followed from the SA System Black in 2016.


(B)  Where to download the 2020 ISP

The 2020 ISP consisted of two main PDF documents – a 99-page main report, and 10 separate Appendices bundled in this ZIP:

99-page main report

10 separate Appendices

Here’s the main report:


With the 2020 ISP there were 10 separate appendices published:



Further information published with, and supporting, the 2020 ISP is listed and linked on the AEMO website here.


(C)  Media coverage of, and commentary about, the 2020 ISP

As this is a back-dated article, I am not going to back-fill this detail (at least at this point).

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