Central Queensland to Southern Queensland flows constrained today

An astute reader noted to me about the Central-to-Southern constraint binding today in Queensland, one of the rare days where I did not have an ez2view dashboard display alerting me to its occurrence.

However I do have a brief period now to wind back the clock through “Time Travel” in the software to snapshot the 12:25 dispatch interval as an example of what happened:


The particular constraint bound (Q_CS_1750) is of the form Left Hand Side (LHS) ≤ Right Hand Side (RHS), with the Left Hand Side containing all the terms that NEMDE (the dispatch engine) tries to optimize – which in this case means reduce or “constrain down” the output:



It’s a bit further south than the looming North-to-Central constraints that I wrote about in my earlier post on the emerging oversupply of  generation capacity in the northern half of Queensland (mainly driven by the rapid escalation of solar capacity Nick wrote about here).

However it’s a useful illustration of what we’re very likely to see a lot more of in the coming 12-18 months.

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