On Tuesday the NEM-wide demand did reach 31,891MW – and in Victoria 10,072MW

As a PS to the note earlier today, here’s a final snapshot from NEM-Watch capturing the moment when demand peaked for the day, across the NEM and in Victoria.

It was the 16:05 dispatch interval (so 17:05 Melbourne daylight savings time) when the Victorian Scheduled Demand reached 10,072MW – and the NEM-wide demand climbed to 31,891MW (ensuring that many of the bids for what the peak demand would be this summer from our BBQ-hungry readers are already out of the money):


The snapshots illustrates that Victoria is firmly in the red zone (driven by the extreme temperatures), with Scheduled Demand being just 224MW short of the all-time record – when measured on a dispatch target basis.

The yellow warning on the VIC+SA “Economic Island” highlights how there’s a relatively tight supply/demand balance (a 12% Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin) – so one of the reasons for the increased prices.

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2 Comments on "On Tuesday the NEM-wide demand did reach 31,891MW – and in Victoria 10,072MW"

  1. Any chance of calling the summer over today, I think I’m sitting pretty for the BBQ. Probably not much chance of the demand being lower tomorrow!

    • Chris

      The various emergency departments in southern Australia would probably also wish that the heatwave, at least, would be over.

      I see the predispatch forecast is for over 33,000MW today – which would make it, I think, the highest the demand has been since this hot week in February 2011, nearly 3 years ago.

      Maybe we should allow another round of entries, for a consolation, consolation prize?!


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