SA summary for Thursday, compared to the preceding week

South Australian pool prices backed off a little (compared to the past 7 days) as surplus generation increased to a stable level.

Lower peak demand and higher wind generation removed the chance of volatility and kept the average flat pool price down at $45.40/MWh and minimum surplus reserve at 684MW safely above the 400MW and 200MW trigger points.

Last 2 Days Comparison which caused the Lower Pool Prices on Thursday

Surplus Generation up on Thursday, so prices dropped

Wind generation also up on Thursday - another reason why prices dropped

Today’s Outlook

Available Generation levels are sitting just below the 2000MW mark and with demand forecast to reach this by early evening pool price volatility should be expected to start from around 4pm (as demand climbs to the evening peak).

This may vary subject to variations in wind generation output and changes to generation bids, offers and unplanned physical limitations.

Price, demand and available generation in SA - including predispatch


About the Author.

Our latest guest author on WattClarity ®, John Bartlett is an analytical energy industry professional, who is experienced in financial and physical energy markets, contract pricing and forecasting.

John’s background is provided on LinkedIn here.

About the Software.

In performing this analysis, John has utilised the NEM-Review and ez2view software packages.

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