… and so the winners are…

Now that we’ve recapped how demand played out in the NEM this summer, all that’s been left to do has been calculate the winners, let them know of their bounty, and organise for delivery.

This summer we changed the formula a little, offering 6 prizes instead of just one – hence by our calculations we offer our congratulations to the following people:

For the BBQ

A mere 37MW off the exact demand was Joy Chan at Delta Electricity. Congratulations!

We note that some of the others there were also close.  That’s got to add a few dollars to the sale price of Delta in the upcoming privatisation!

We’ll look forward to sharing some snags with Joy once the BBQ has been delivered.

For the Cinema Tickets

In QLD with an entry 125MW underneath the exact mark, we saw Nigel Tarr score regional bragging rights – and some fancy cinema tickets.

In NSW we’ve called in our rights as competition organisers to award the prize to the second closest entry from that region (+114MW) – that from Chris Muffett, continuing the good showing from AEMO staff in these competitions.

In VIC we had to scan further to find a regional winner (+1,404MW) – that being Doug Telford.

In TAS the entries were thinner on the ground, but our regional winner (Tim Astley at +1,487) was just shy of Doug’s mark.

In SA we saw the interesting outcome where Naomi (-365) pipped Reinhard (+468) Struve for the prize – no points for guessing who gets to choose which movie they get to watch!

Congratulations to all five of the above winners.

Stay tuned here on WattClarity® for more competitions in future – in between some analysis of what’s been happening in the NEM!

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