A very modest start to summer peak demands

The wet weather being experienced around the NEM has led to low levels of demand everywhere – as can be clearly seen in the following chart (taken from NEM-Review 6).


The chart highlights daily peak and average demand for every day since 1st July 2005 – and hence incorporates only periods since Tasmania entered the NEM.

As can be seen:

1)  Demand in summer 2009-10 was lower than the levels experienced in summer 2008-09 (the year the intense heat brought with it soaring demand and then bushfires in VIC and SA – as noted here at the time, and discussed here a little later).  Summer 2010-11 to date has seen demand levels even lower.

2)  We also see that the demand peak for winter 2010 was slightly up on winter 2009 but down on the highest level experienced in winter 2008.

What will be the peak NEM-Wide demand this summer?

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One of three founders of Global-Roam back in 2000, Paul has been CEO of the company since that time. As an author on WattClarity, Paul's focus has been to help make the electricity market more understandable.

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