Suspected Generator Trip forces prices close to MPC in QLD

Not much time to post anything detailed today, but thought the following two snapshots would be of interest…

See the following snapshot from NEM-Watch v8 that shows a price spike in QLD that occurred for the 15:00 and 15:05 dispatch intervals today.

2010-01-21 at 15-00 NEM-Watch

The second snapshot is taken from our other market visualisation software (ez2viewAustralia, which is supplied to generators and retailers) that shows what appears to be a trip of about 900MW of generation capacity at the South-West node in Queensland at 14:53 market time today. 

2010-01-21 at 16-30 queensland view showing trip

At the time of the suspected trip, we see imports into QLD increased, as shown in the following chart (taken from NEM-Watch).  Further analysis shows that the reduction in output was also compensated by:
1)  A drop in demand of about 100MW or so in QLD (presumably demand-side response); and
2)  Increase in generation output at a number of the other nodes around the state.


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