High temperatures in QLD yesterday drag demand close to all-time-maximum

A hot day in Queensland yesterday (Thursday 10th December) dragged demand to within 100MW (or 1%) of the all-time maximum demand for the QLD region.

The dispatch demand target peaked at 8755MW at 15:40 on the day, just 83MW shy of the all-time record of 8838MW.

As shown in the snapshot taken from NEM-Watch at 13:25 (market time) on the day, the demand in QLD was high (relative to the all-time maximum demand, as is implied by the red colour of the region).  In contrast, demand in the south and west is very mild, because of the cooler temperatures. 

2009-12-10 at 13-25 NEM-Watch

This resulted in the NEM-wide demand level being a very modest 28,095MW.

As a result of the high demand, and constraints on the interconnection through to NSW, the QLD price experienced a modest jump on the day.

For a more detailed view of what was happening within the QLD region, I have attached a snapshot from the current version of the software we have developed more specifically for market traders, ez2viewAustralia (showing the 14:00 dispatch interval):

2009-12-10 at 14-05 qld view

This tool incorporates display of a live feed of intra-regional transmission flows and zonal demand levels for nodes in QLD, as supplied by Powerlink Queensland.

This tool also uses colour-coding to highlight relative levels of demand.  As can be seen, the high demand on the day was focused more on the south-east corner of QLD (which can be understood by looking at the relatively mild temperatures in north Queensland shown in NEM-Watch above).

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