Who was the Winner? (for Summer 2006-07)

  1. The Winner
  2. The winner was David Turnour (from Origin Energy).

    David’s bid was only 129MW (0.4%) off the eventual peak for the summer period (not a bad effort, we thought).

  3. Analysis of Entries
  4. The following chart was prepared, at the time, to provide some indication of the wide variation in submissions we received about what the NEM-Wide demand would be:

    Spread of estimates for the Summer 2006-2007 Peak Demand in the NEM

    As can be seen in the chart above:

    • Compared to entries for summer 2005-06, entries were much more focused on smaller range of possible peak demands.
    • We also had fewer entries in that year – yes, we were cheapskates in that we did not offer a BBQ this year, only a free copy of NEM-Watch, so this might have dissuaded some from getting out their crystal ball.

    Editor’s Note – we weren’t entirely cheapskates that summer, as we did also run another competition, asking people to help us with our new company name (a slow process we’re still working through). As a result of that competition, we sent Jennifer Tarr (of EnergyAustralia) and her partner to Uluru for Easter 2007.

  5. Analysis of Demand
  6. The following chart was prepared in January 2007 to summarise the daily maximum, NEM-wide demand over each of the days of summer up until January 16th 2007:

    Daily Maximum NEM Demand for Summer 2006-2007

    We must have been distracted, after that time, as I can’t find any chart that was more updated than the one above.

    For further details about what happened in the NEM over summer 2006-07, please see our listing of articles at WattClarity®.

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