The return of the BBQ as prize for the Peak demand picking competition (for Summer 2008-09)

  1. The Prize
  2. This year we’ve brought the BBQ back as a prize (by popular demand). Here it is:


    This one is called the “Beefmaster Premium 6 on Side Burner Cart” and is priced at $899 from Barbeques Galore (which is where we will deliver it from, to the winner).

  3. The Competition
  4. What we’re looking for is the highest 5-minute dispatch NEM-Wide Demand over summer period – where we are using our prerogative to define “summer” as 1st December 2008 through until 31st March 2009.

    Here is where it’s shown in the new version of NEM-Watch:

    You have until Friday 2nd January 2009 to enter with your estimate, and your delivery address, if you are confident of winning).

    To give you a head start, we’ve prepared some analysis for you of:

    1. Summer’s peak in demand in summer 2005-06,
    2. Summer’s peak in demand in summer 2006-07,
    3. Here’s a review of how how summer demand has changed, each of the past 3 summers
      (prior to that time Tassie was not in the NEM, so the numbers don’t compare).

    You might want to sign up to be notified when we publish updates on this blog, as we’ll periodically post updates this summer about the way demand progresses – plus with respect to anything else we see of interest (as we have the time, of course).

  5. The Fine Print
    1. Entries accepted between Monday 22nd December 2008 and Friday 2nd January 2009.
    2. Only entries emailed to us to the right email address [call us and we’ll tell you what address to use] will be considered.
    3. Entries open to anyone with a genuine interest in the NEM (though obviously we hope that you’ll be using NEM-Watch – at least on a trial – to keep an eye on demand, and hence how close you are to winning!) EXCEPT:
    4. Competition NOT open to employees, shareholders and other general hangers-on of GLOBAL-ROAM Pty Ltd; PLUS
    5. We reserve the right to “lose” entries from companies we deem as competitors to us (can’t have them enjoying a new BBQ on us, can we!)
    6. We’ll accept one entry each working day over the period in which we accept entries. Hence make your entries count!
    7. The Winner will be the person we judge to be the first & nearest entry to the peak NEM-Wide Demand this summer (where we are using our prerogative to define “Summer” as the period 1st December 2008 to 31st March 2009, with deference to those who sweltered in March 2008).
    8. For those who really do need the details, we calculate this on NEMMCO’s InfoServer as follows:
    9. (SELECT SUM(TotalDemand) as ‘Demand’, SettlementDate
      from DispatchRegionSum
      where MONTH(SettlementDate) in (12, 1, 2, 3)
      GROUP BY SettlementDate)

    10. The winner will be notified directly soon after the end of “Summer”, and the winner’s name will also be published on this site. At that time, we’ll organise the fun stuff – i.e. delivery.
    11. Delivery of the BBQ will be organised to a location within the standard delivery area of an Australian Barbeques Galore store.
    12. if the store in your delivery area is out of that particular stock, we’ll arrange a suitable, similar, model for you – at around the same price.
    13. Yes, missed a number, but who’s counting…
    14. The decision of the judges (global-roam Pty Ltd) is final and no correspondence will be entered into. You could try to bribe us, but that won’t work – you could try to get in our “good books” by purchasing lots of NEM-Watch, and whilst that would make us happy, it will not get you closer to being declared the winner – though you will have a pretty good view of what the demand is, all summer!
    15. If you’ve read all this fine print, you’re clearly working too hard.
    16. Still reading, eh? …. Go and get your entry in!

  6. Analysis of Summer
  7. To give you a start, we’ve prepared a “cheat sheet” – in which we’ve had a look at how summer’s demand has progressed in the past couple of years. Very useful in letting you know where the final demand figure might land.

    As summer progresses, we’ll try to keep you updated with more analysis of what happens – with updates posted at WattClarity®.

    Please keep in mind, however, that:

    • We’re only a bunch of software developers, not consultants, hence we’re not as adept in Market Analysis, and “wordsmithery”, as others might be; and
    • Our new identity as a NEM blogger is a “spare-time” job for us, so we can’t guarantee we’ll cover everything of interest, or that we’ll be timely.

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