The Scheduled Category

As time permits, will flesh out an explanation of how the Scheduled category currently operates in the NEM, and how it has evolved.

(A) Summary of current arrangements

A Generator, or a Load*, can be registered with the AEMO as “Scheduled”.


(B) Chronology of evolution

Will add something in here, as time permits.

Date Description
13th December 1998
(Start of the NEM)
At the start of the NEM generators supplying the NEM were registered as Scheduled or Non-Scheduled. The Semi-Scheduled registration category did not exist.
Early 1999 The aluminium smelters in Victoria were registered as Scheduled Loads for a brief time at the start of the market – however that registration status was allowed to lapse.
When in 2017? Registration threshold set at 5MW (i.e. down from the 30MW criteria that applies to slower-responding generators) was implemented for batteries in conjunction with the development of the Hornsdale Power Reserve.


(C) Other useful references

On this WattClarity(r) site, any articles tagged with ‘Scheduled’ can be found here.

Will add in other links to useful references as time permits…