Temporary replacement towers up, for the Moorabool Sydenham No1 500 kV line (on Sun 25th Feb 2024)

I missed it at the time, but was alerted by Alex in his comment here – worth recording for future reference that Market Notice 115120 published at 19:46 on Sunday 25th February 2024 the temporary towers to replace those that were blown down in the storm on Tuesday 13th February 2024 were placed into service:


Notice ID : 115120
Notice Type ID : Inter-Regional Transfer limit variation
Notice Type Description : MARKET
Issue Date : Sunday, 25 February 2024
External Reference : Inter-regional transfer limit variation – Moorabool Sydenham No1 500 kV line – Vic region – 25/02/2024


At 1929 hrs 25/02/2024 in the Victoria region the Moorabool Sydenham No1 500 kV line returned to service on temporary towers.

The Moorabool Sydenham No2 500 kV line remains out of service

Constraint set changes.



This constraint set(s) contains equations with the following interconnectors on the LHS.

Refer these Market Notices:

MN 114577 (issued Tue 13th Feb at 13:22, as noted on Wattclarity),

MN 114768 (note that this one does not seem to refer to this incident … suggest it’s a typo carried through from MN114770 and most likely should read MN114625 published Tue 13th Feb at 15:06 as noted on WattClarity),

MN  114686 (issued Wed 14th Feb at 01:24) and

MN  114770 (issued Thu 15th Feb at 19:34)

Refer to the AEMO Network Outage Scheduler for further information.

Manager NEM Real Time Operations


Nothing more, at this point.

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  1. AEMO Market Notice 115511 reports return to service today on temporary towers of Moorabool – Sydenham No2 500 kV line.

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