‘NEM Local Temperature Alert’ for Port Augusta on Monday 26th December 2022

I did take a couple weeks off earlier this month and apparently missed some earlier* warnings, but MN104622 (published today) was the first time I’d seen an AEMO Market Notice for “NEM Local Temperature Alerts” in summer 2022-23:


From :              AEMO
To   :              NEMITWEB1
Creation Date :     22/12/2022     10:32:03


Notice ID               :         104622
Notice Type ID          :         GENERAL NOTICE
Notice Type Description :         Subjects not covered in specific notices
Issue Date              :         22/12/2022
External Reference      :         NEM Local Temperature Alerts for SA from 22 Dec 2022 to 26 Dec 2022


Reason :


AEMO’s weather service provider has issued forecast temperatures equal to or greater than the NEM Local Temperature Alert Levels for listed weather stations below.

Port Augusta Ap (39+ Deg C): 26th Dec

The NEM Local Temperature Alert Levels are:

Launceston Ti Tree Bend: 33 Deg C, Dalby Airport: 37 Deg C, for all other selected weather stations: 39 Deg C.

AEMO requests Market Participants to:

1. review the weather forecast in the local area where their generating units / MNSP converter stations are located and,

2. if required, update the available capacity in their dispatch offers or availability submissions consistent with the forecast temperatures.

Further information is available at:


AEMO Operations Planning



Regarding those I missed (*), a quick search in the ‘Market Notices’ widget in ez2view revealed three earlier Market Notices in the past 30 days:

1)  MN 104097 pertaining to Port Augusta Ap (39+ Deg C): 4th Dec

2)  MN 104190 pertaining to both:

Dalby Ap (37+ Deg C): 7th Dec
Rockhampton Ap (39+ Deg C): 8th Dec

3)  MN104230 pertaining to the following:

Dalby Ap (37+ Deg C): 7th Dec
Rockhampton Ap (39+ Deg C): 8th Dec

Port Augusta Ap (39+ Deg C): 10th Dec

Even considering those that I missed, it’s notable there have been so few of these alerts thus far this summer … a clear impact of the La Nina driven weather conditions still persisting.  Given the current forecast is for Boxing Day (when Grid Demand would ordinarily be quite subdued) we wouldn’t expect it to drive demand to high levels, but it might impact on generation plant in the area?

We’ll have to wait to see what happens as we roll past this holiday period and into the business end of summer/Q1 (i.e. roughly from Australia Day onwards).

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